Why You Should Visit Texas Next Time You Are in USA

TexasOut of all the states in United States of America, perhaps the most unique and recognizable one is certainly Texas. Or, if you ask anyone from Texas, that “perhaps” will become a firm “for sure”. Texas has a long and proud history and there is a lot to set it apart from other states, just like you can recognize a Texan among 50 other Americans. Texans are traditionally very proud of their state and don’t hesitate to show it as they call Texas – a state of mind – implying how unique they are compared to others. And they are not wrong, Texas is a very unique and special place.

Texas, dubbed the Lone Star State for it’s historical struggle for freedom and former status of an inRiverwalkdependent country. It is the second largest state in the United States, regarding both it’s population and physical size. Placed on the south of the States, in Texas you can hear a lot of Spanish language due to it’s proximity of the Mexican border. Famous for it’s prairies and grass covered areas you probably associate Texas with cowboys, large hats and buffaloes. Cowboys are now remnant of the past as Texas has grown much since their farming days, mainly due to a oil riches found and exploited there. Spiraling up with discovery of oil, Texan economy grew stronger and developed so today they are an important factor to the overall American economic current. Together with California, Texas is the strongest state in the US, and they are leading force in several industry sectors.

TexasCulturally, Texas is a blend of South and West. Historically proud of their heritage, Texans are the symbol of American pride and a big influence to the overall American image. Matter of fact is that a lot of people outside of the States associate Americans with Texans, as they are traditionally cowboy heroes of country songs. And it goes well with the mentality of Texans, as they are authentic figures that will always pop out in the crowd.

if you find yourself traveling through Texas, you can expect some Texas hospitality and helpful folks to show you around, since nothing makes Texans proud as showing how great their state is. And it is pretty awesome, to be fair. Natural world and terrain is very dTexasiverse, and you will discover a lot by traveling through Texas. On the south, near the Gulf of Mexico you can expect to see woodlands and hills perfect for hiking and outdoor activities.Traversing north you may encounter the state’s famous prairies and grasslands – all you need now is a steady horse and a wide-brimmed hat. Continuing you may come across deserts filled with oil excavating machinery shimmering on the hot sun. You might be inclined to associate the Texas with those desert areas, but truly, only about 10% of the state is covered by deserts.

Anyway you go in Texas you will meet interesting people and try some of the best food around – blend of American classic and spicy Mexican south, so do not hesitate.